Opportunities in Ethiopia for Volunteers

Ethiopia is a country in the horn of Africa and the oldest independent country on the continent. There are historians who think that this might have been the beginning place of mankind due to fossils found there.  Its natural beauty, high mountains, lakes, waterfalls and historic buildings also make it a great place to visit for explorers.

Aside from trekking, bird watching, rafting on the Omo River, wildlife viewing and visiting native tribes there are tons of volunteering opportunities available. I have found three interesting options:

Ethiopia, Omo River, Karo Tribe

Ethiopia, Omo River, Karo Tribe by Achilli Family Journeys | Flickr

Medical Director at Lalmba Association

Lalmba Association is a small, Colorado-based NGO that operates a Health Center and orphan care programs the Ethiopian highlands. They are looking for a volunteer Medical Director who will oversee the Health Center operations.

They don’t pay salaries but they do cover all of the travel to/from Ethiopia, working and living expenses in Ethiopia. Applicants should be from the U.S., South America, Canada or Europe. You should be a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant with current medical license to practice in the U.S., South America, Canada or Europe.

For more information about this opportunity and other upcoming ones visit their website.

Microfinance Expert wanted by Strong Hearts Ethiopia

Strong Hearts Ethiopia is based in the Kore neighborhood of Addis Ababa. The microfinance program is designed to help low income members of the community start their own business to become self-sufficient earning income.

The organization lends money as capital for supplies and equipment, as well as provide mentoring and business advice. Volunteer tasks in this program might include research, community development through sustainability of a regular income, or giving advice on how to improve people’s businesses.

For more details of what the assignment is about visit their website.

Work with Children at Love Volunteers

They have a children Teaching/Working with Children program in Addis Ababa. These kids have lost their birth families due to extreme poverty, AIDS and other life-threatening conditions. Without their help these children would be living on the streets alone and in danger, unable to attend school or reach their full potential.

During the school year from September until the end of June, volunteers have the opportunity to teach in the local school. You also get to design and implement fun and educational activities for children living within our project homes. The only requirements are being over 18 years old, speaking English and to be able to commit for at least four weeks.

Take look at the website from Love Volunteers for more details.

Affordable Volunteer Programs in Uganda

My name is Dr. Isa Byona. I am a medical doctor with a passion for community developments on the grass root level. I am the Executive Director General and co-founder for Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation (ASTCF) is a local Uganda based non-profit tourism organization established with diverse and holistic approach to promote innovative sustainable tourism practices that are geared to reduce poverty, empower local communities, fight gender inequality, encourage conservation of cultural and natural heritage and foster sustainable development through tourism.

We are focused on developing responsible tourism in partnership with poorer rural communities, in order to sustain village life and culture, improve livelihoods, empowers rural women and youth with skills training, connects them to global market opportunities, and enables them to earn an income to transform their communities in remote rural areas and reduce the need for outward migration.

I would like to introduce to you our volunteer program where we facilitate all kinds of group or solo volunteering options in the areas of community development, building, community capacity building, environmental management, eco – village development, teaching, sports, healthcare and wildlife conservation and so much more.
Our Volunteer program is a unique program that offers many possibilities of volunteer service for men and women who wish to devote a few weeks or up to two years of their lives to international volunteer work. We provide an integrated development experience consisting of practical leadership opportunities, International Internships and participation in a global learning environment. We aim to put our volunteer’s skills to use in supporting the development initiatives of local communities in Uganda. Working with this program means opting for an enriching and dynamic experience that will change the course of your life
We focus on local grassroots projects, cultural immersion and travel learning opportunities, and offer memorable experiences to our international volunteers, with purpose to:
• Improve the lives of deprived people in less-fortunate communities (often rural, poor and economically marginalized) by connecting volunteers to grassroots projects, to enhance learning opportunities for positive transformation;
• Offer unique opportunities for cultural immersion through well designed language and cultural program, and amazing travel adventure to our volunteers, for memorable experience.
Our volunteer placement program fosters a Cross Cultural Program with the aim of developing of understanding and mutual respect between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. We focus to work towards human justice and peace through support of cultural, socio-economic and the preservation and conservation of natural ecosystems. We believe in working through development education and intercultural learning and practical interventions through international voluntary service.

The work our volunteers do in these projects compliments and increases the capacity of the projects’ impact in the community, and we seek in all we do to ensure the work is sustainable in its’ own right and not reliant on overseas volunteers. The time you spend with each project provides a huge bonus to their work. You are not taking any opportunities away from local people; this is not job substitution, but the provision of additional support, knowledge, insight and energy to worthwhile local projects. This is important to us, and ultimately means you can have confidence in knowing that when you give your time to our projects, you will be contributing to a work that will last for years to come.

Please take a look at our website www.africasustainabletourism.org It tells you more about us and the volunteers opportunities we have. Thank you so much. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Volunteer in Cameroon Today – Free!!!

Our Mission is to Improve the lives and creating opportunities opportunities for underprivileged children and youths in Cameroon and Africa in General.
Volunteer with us either online or at our main office in Bamenda Cameroon.
email:infos@camyifond.tel 70539475.

Volunteer in Uganda at the Kitega Centre

KCC is making amazing efforts to encourage and support volunteers who wish to visit. The Centre is currently working on a major fundraising drive to complete the construction of the Shalom Guest House. The guest house will allow KCC to house large teams of volunteers as well as long-term volunteers. The Shalom House will benefit the local economy by employing local construction workers and then by providing employment opportunities in the hospitality, administrative and service industries once the guest house is in operation. It will also provide steady income streams to fund Kitega programs.

If you’re looking to stay for a while, you might consider becoming a long-term volunteer. You will be better situated to help Kitega with complex development activities, such as the following:

1. Conducting thorough research and surveys of the socio-economic situations in the area, as well as the impact of the Centre’s activities

2. Providing intensive training for Kitega staff and local partners on topics such as mainstreaming special needs children or sign-language instruction

3. Mentoring local entrepreneurs and members of VICOBA (Village Community Bank), Kitega’s savings & loans groups

4. Mobilizing church officials and congregrants and equipping them with skills to replicate Kitega projects in their own communities.

Kitega Community Centre is eagerly awaiting new voluntourists. Are you ready for the adventure?

For more information on volunteering at Kitega visit www.kitegacc.org.

Soft Power Education – NGO in Uganda

This NGO in Uganda looks like a great options for travelers that don’t have much time. Because of the volunteering options that they offer, tourists can also help. But before I explain this to you, let me tell you more about Soft Power Education and what they do.

NGO in Uganda

Soft Power Education is an organization that is working to get a better quality of education to people in the poor communities in Uganda since 1999. A couple of things that they have done are: refurbished 50 schools, created an education center and projects for adults and children.

They manage to do all of those things though partnerships with local schools, communities and conservation organizations and also through donations and volunteers.

People from all over the world are welcome to donate their time and work. There are 3 different options for volunteers to choose from, they can: volunteer for a day, for a long period of time and even in groups.

A few of the things that you might experience a volunteer are:

  • Living within the local community
  • Rewarding challenges
  • Experiencing new cultures
  • Working alongside the locals on building or educational projects
  • Hosting creative and sporting workshops
  • Making lasting friendships

The average cost per week is $50 and it includes:

  • Accommodation in Bujagali
  • Food, drink and snacks etc. If you go to a school to help paint or help the builders then a local lunch is provided free of charge.
  • Transport
  • Activities

If you want more detailed information check out www.softpowereducation.com or send them an email to volunteering@softpowereducation.com.