Volunteer Opportunities

The following is a list of free or low fee volunteer Africa programs. If you know of a volunteer work program in Africa that is free or has a low fee, please share it in the comments and it will be added to the list.


Nido di Speranza (Nest of Hope) – The target population Nest of Hope works with/for consists of women, widows, children and orphans of age 0-17 years and youths who will be involved in the project activities in Buea and district wide.
The “Centre De L’Espoir” Children’s Home – This is an orphanage that provides parental care to children, moderate shelter, basic health care, counselling, food, education, and management of income generating activities. Requirements for volunteers are being older than 21 years and being able to perform physical labour.
RUDEC – The Rural Development Centre encourages volunteers to join them to try to achieve a better quality of life of local communities. If you’d like to help but can’t travel to Cameroon, there are also things you can do to help from home.


Dream Seed Academy – The Dream Seed Academy targets its work towards providing kids with first class education. For volunteers there are teaching opportunities, homework assistance and opportunities to help create a library.
Ghana Health and Education Initiative – This is a health and education initiative with the objective of providing opportunities and success to locals. Their volunteer programs offer participants the chance to be immersed in a rural Ghanaian community and work alongside local staff members.
NKA Foundation – NKA focuses on human capital development through use of the arts. You don’t have to be an artist to volunteer with them as they can also accommodate volunteering at local schools or at the village centre.
The Turing Trust – This is another organization that works to provide rural communities in Africa with lasting and self-sustaining benefits. Volunteers can join them for the construction or administration of school houses or computer labs in Ghana.
Volta Aid Foundation – This is a non-governmental organization in the Volta Region of Ghana. They believe in empowering the community through education. Their volunteer programs are suited to everybody – ranging from school teaching, to medical work, to orphanage caring. They accept volunteers year round.


Daos Children Centre – The organization was founded in 2008 to provide quality education to unprivileged kids of Uganda. They offer volunteer and internship opportunities for people with all different kinds of skills. They aim to provide a family-like environment for children.
Development Pamoja – Pamoja means together, so this organization’s name can be translated to ‘Development Together’. They work with people of communities near Nakuru where credit is limited, education is not a priority, primary health care is inadequate and farm practices are outdated.
Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project – KVCDP offers internship opportunities in community development projects. They aim to support cross cultural exchanges with the help of local and international volunteers.
Mama Hope – Mama Hope works in close partnership with local African organizations to connect them with the resources required to transform their own communities. They only accept a few volunteers each year, because of space.
Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre – This is a Christian organization where volunteers help attend sick children and help with their education. They also use sport as a development tool with the children.
Volunteer Work in Kenya – This organization manages a children’s home that serves 46 kids. They need volunteers to help them protect children that have been abused. They also operate an HIV/AIDS education program for youth.


ASTVS – ASTVS is a youth and non-profit organization situated in Errachidia. They raise awareness about the poverty of the region and support educational, social and cultural projects.

Sierra Leone

We Yone Child Foundation-Sierra Leone – WYCF occupies a six classroom complex that they use in their programs for women empowerment, gender equality and education. They provide volunteers accommodations and the option of working at a community school or an orphanage.

South Africa

FurKidz – This is a fun option for animal lovers. They assist animal shelters to find good homes for animals. Volunteering opportunities are from 1 to 12 months year round and a few of the tasks are handling or interacting with the animals, administration, fundraising and taking pictures or videos.
Iziwe Projects – The mission of the organization is to revitalize community-centred organizations and providing opportunities for international volunteers to learn about the local culture. As a volunteer, you can join the dance group, the restoration project or the human dignity centre.


Small World Initiative for Women’s Security and Children’s Orphanage – SWIWSCO works to support and create awareness to women, orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania. They offer a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the community including work at schools and hospitals.
The Fun Arts and

Clowns – FAC believes that there is nothing more special than sharing knowledge. Volunteers are part of an exchange of arts, culture and knowledge.


Another Hope Children’s Ministry – AHCM is a team of dedicated, Christian Ugandans with a commitment to give hope to the orphaned, street children and children from impoverished families. While volunteering at this organization, volunteers stay with local families and have an opportunity to work with children.
Children Reach out Program – The Children Reach Out Program was founded by Edwin Agaba. It all started with a football game with the locals. Now the organization provides free classes and workshops. It focuses on bringing together all children in the community and supporting those whose development is at risk, socially.
Culture Waves – Cultural Waves is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of students from Makerere University in 2004. Their mission is to improve the livelihood of women and girls in rural areas through ICTs in terms of agriculture, health and education fields
Eden Ministries – This organization dedicates its work to promote community empowerment in Uganda. They have long and short term vo

lunteering programs. Volunteers can be involved in evangelism, community health, education and community outreach programs.
JICCO – JICCO was created to help in the development of rural communities by teaching and implementing sustainable projects. They accept long and short term volunteering.
Kitega Community Centre – It is a Christian organization located in the Kitega village of Uganda and it is mainly targeted towards kids with special need that have been abandoned or rejected by their parents. They have a long list of activities for volunteers, but are also open to suggestions on new projects.
Kyabirwa Primary School – As the name implies it is an organization that uses volunteers as teachers, whether it is at the school classes, sports, carpentry, etc. This means that you don’t have to be a teacher to volunteer with them, you can use your skills to teach things you know about.
Soft Power Education – This is another organization that believes that to improve the conditions of people from any place the most important factor is to educate them. All they ask for is enthusiastic, self motivated, passionate about making a difference, prepared to fund raise before you join us in Uganda and have a great sense of humour!
Training of Rural Women in Uganda – TORUWU is a non-government organization that has as goal to provide women with tools and skills. This makes them independent and on the long run it provides a better quality of life for their kids.


Zambian Carnivore Programme – ZCP is dedicated to the conservation of large carnivore species that are native to the country. They accept donations and have an internship program for students of ecology, biology, environmental sciences and other related disciplines.


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