Three Fun Volunteer Opportunties in Egypt

Egypt is famous for being home to what remains of the impressive buildings built by the ancient Egyptians and the largest river in the world.

There is plenty to do there for travelers.  Its cities and culture are the result of years of evolution from two religions: Christianity and Islam. But in some cases you can see traces of the ancient religion from the time of pharaohs.


Cairo – Egypt by Andrew A. Shenouda | Flickr

Producing Cheese in Egypt with Land O’Lakes International Development

Requirement of the Program: Only U.S. citizens or Green Card holders are eligible to apply.

Start Date: ASAP

Length of Assignment: 15-21 days

Your time is donated and all expenses such as airfare, lodging, meals and an interpreter are paid.

During this assignment, the Volunteer will visit cheese processing units, identify problems in the production process, give advice on overcoming those problems, give recommendations on the optimum procedures and train technical staff on newly introduced recommendations.

If this isn’t the opportunity for you check out their website. They are often offering new ones.

Pyramid panorama

Egyptian Pyramids by David Evers | Flickr

Website Developer for The People’s Fund for Global Health and Development

Duration: 3 Months or Longer

They are looking for someone who would like to volunteer for the creation and maintenance of a website at domain. With the following functionality:

  • Basic organization information components
  • Project application submission portal
  • Project evaluation portal
  • Online rating platform
  • Online live meeting portal
  • Discussion forum
  • Membership application portal with online fee payment

This can be performed from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in this opportunity check out their website of send an email with your CV to

Date Marketing and Packaging with Farmer to Farmer Middle East & North Africa

Only American citizens and green card holders may apply for this assignment.

Duration: 15 – 21 days
Work time: Full time (30 – 40 hours per week)
Start Date: ASAP

They are looking for someone with a university degree in marketing and years of experience, computer skills.
The Egyptian date industry needs to take critical steps toward the improvement of marketing operations. This is why the volunteer should assess the current marketing practices, identify potential markets and recommend efficient marketing practices.

For more details about this assignment and to apply visit their website.

NOTE: Each of the organizations listed above are constantly in need of volunteers for different areas. These assignments might not be for you but their websites are constantly being updates with new ones.

Volunteer Options in South Africa

South Africa is a place with an amazing cultural diversity with 11 official languages and tons of different ethnicities. It is also well known around the world for the delicious wines that they produce.

The diversity doesn’t stop at cultural aspects. You will also find a wide diversity of wildlife, from hippos to penguins with habitats just as varied. This is definitely a country that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

To me, one of the best ways to explore the world and visit unique places such as South Africa is through volunteering. Here are 3 opportunities you might be interested in:

Addo Elephant Park, South Africa

Addo Elephant Park, South Africa by Brian Snelson | Flickr

Academic Manager for Imagine Scholar

Imagine scholar is a program for underserved youth in the Nkomazi region of South Africa that offers creative and holistic education. They seek to give students tools such as critical thinking, communication and character.

The organization is looking for a volunteer to work with the Executive director to oversee the academic development of kids, run seminars, create learning plans and match students.

Aside from accommodation and food volunteers are provided with a 1,000 Rand stipend per month.

If this sounds like a task you are interested in send your CV and a letter or video with a personal statement as to why you want this opportunity to or check out

After School Mentor for Streetlight Schools

They opened a primary school on January 13, 2016. Aside from offering the school program they also have after school activities for the students.

They are looking for volunteers to support the afterschool program at the art, dance, computer or skateboarding lessons. Volunteer are also welcome to provide ideas for new extracurricular activities.

You can send your CV to or visit

Table Mountain - South Africa

Table Mountain, South Africa by South African Tourism | Flickr

Volunteer Coordinator for DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage

DAKTARI receives paying volunteers who want to help with teaching local children about the environment through a wildlife orphanage. The organization is searching for a coordinator / camp manager who can greet other volunteers, provides orientation, trains them, monitor their work, among other things.

Their fees include accommodations, all of the meals, laundry service, towels and bedding, airport pick up and drop off as well as a trip into town per week.

Check out their website for more information.

All of the organizations I just talked about have programs that run year long and constantly need volunteers for different tasks. So visit their websites and you might find some other volunteering opportunity that suits you better.

Opportunities in Ethiopia for Volunteers

Ethiopia is a country in the horn of Africa and the oldest independent country on the continent. There are historians who think that this might have been the beginning place of mankind due to fossils found there.  Its natural beauty, high mountains, lakes, waterfalls and historic buildings also make it a great place to visit for explorers.

Aside from trekking, bird watching, rafting on the Omo River, wildlife viewing and visiting native tribes there are tons of volunteering opportunities available. I have found three interesting options:

Ethiopia, Omo River, Karo Tribe

Ethiopia, Omo River, Karo Tribe by Achilli Family Journeys | Flickr

Medical Director at Lalmba Association

Lalmba Association is a small, Colorado-based NGO that operates a Health Center and orphan care programs the Ethiopian highlands. They are looking for a volunteer Medical Director who will oversee the Health Center operations.

They don’t pay salaries but they do cover all of the travel to/from Ethiopia, working and living expenses in Ethiopia. Applicants should be from the U.S., South America, Canada or Europe. You should be a Physician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant with current medical license to practice in the U.S., South America, Canada or Europe.

For more information about this opportunity and other upcoming ones visit their website.

Microfinance Expert wanted by Strong Hearts Ethiopia

Strong Hearts Ethiopia is based in the Kore neighborhood of Addis Ababa. The microfinance program is designed to help low income members of the community start their own business to become self-sufficient earning income.

The organization lends money as capital for supplies and equipment, as well as provide mentoring and business advice. Volunteer tasks in this program might include research, community development through sustainability of a regular income, or giving advice on how to improve people’s businesses.

For more details of what the assignment is about visit their website.

Work with Children at Love Volunteers

They have a children Teaching/Working with Children program in Addis Ababa. These kids have lost their birth families due to extreme poverty, AIDS and other life-threatening conditions. Without their help these children would be living on the streets alone and in danger, unable to attend school or reach their full potential.

During the school year from September until the end of June, volunteers have the opportunity to teach in the local school. You also get to design and implement fun and educational activities for children living within our project homes. The only requirements are being over 18 years old, speaking English and to be able to commit for at least four weeks.

Take look at the website from Love Volunteers for more details.

Safety Tips for Volunteers

Volunteering can be a lot of fun. There are few adventures that can prove fun, educational and offer the satisfaction of collaborating with a community in a foreign country. However, volunteering can also be dangerous if you are not careful. In the end, you are alone in an unknown country. Keep reading to learn a few tricks to make it safer.

5 Tips for Having a Safe Volunteering Experience:

1. Avoid danger – This might seem like something we normally do at home. But we also tend to relax while we are traveling. So, remember, if it doesn’t look safe avoid it!

2. Learn from the locals – Locals are experts in the potential dangers that you might find in the different communities where you are volunteering. Have frank conversations with them about potential dangers that you should be aware of.

3. Learn about the culture and law – Do your research before you leave home. There are conducts that may be normal in your country but may be offensive or even illegal where you are visiting.

4. Get insurance – You need backup. Again, you are often alone in a foreign country. Getting money or help from your family can take some time. On top of that, bills for insurance can increase substantially in a very short period of time. You have to be prepared for the worst. For more information about insurance for travelers and volunteers visit this website.

5. Choose your tasks wisely – Most of the organizations allow you to choose your tasks or they assign you tasks according to your abilities. If you notice that the task does not meet your abilities and you do not feel comfortable with it, don’t do it. There is no harm in saying no.

Follow these simple tips and your volunteering experience will be even better.

Another Hope Children’s Ministry – Uganda

Another Hope Children’s Ministry is a Christian organization that offers travelers the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Uganda, taking care of orphan children. It is a great opportunity if you like interacting with kids. The organization is located on a small town in Wakiso district called Nansana. Currently they have the capacity to host 60 kids.

Children’s Ministry

About Volunteering with AHCM:

At the project they provide you with accommodations and Food, to cover those expenses they ask for $100.

– Getting to the Project – They are more than happy to pick you up at the airport, just let them know that it’s what you want. There is also the option of arranging external pick up and it costs around $30.

– Food – Diet in this part of the world is a bit low in micro-nutrients and minerals, so you should bring your own vitamins. All meals are provided at AHCM and are cooked with loving attention to detail by the adults.

– Drink – Tap water is not safe. They do have a process to clean up water, but it is not as strict as it is in other countries so it might cause unnecessary sickness, it is best if you buy bottled water.

– Accommodations – All volunteers stay at the project in the boy’s quarters. You will also have to share a room with someone else. But be sure to bring bug repellent, because they don’t provide mosquito nets. They don’t offer hot showers, but in this part of the world even a cold shower is a luxury. pro

You can also stay at a nearby guest house. If you chose this option the price varies a lot.

If you want more detailed information check out